Acid Rain
Angels And Demons
Angels Cry (с табами)
Angels Cry
Angels Cry (с аккордами)
Bleeding Heart
Breaking Ties
Carolina Iv (с аккордами)
Carolina iv
Carry On (с аккордами)
Carry on (с табами)
Carry on
Caгѓвђўa E Caгѓвђўador
Chega De Saudade
Deep Blue
Deus Le Volt
Ego Painted Grey
Evil Warning (с аккордами)
Evil Warning
Extreme Dream
Eyes Of Christ
Freedom Call
Gate Xiii
Gentle Change
Heroes Of Sand
Holy Land
Hunters And Prey
I Will be Here When Fire Burns!...
In Excelsis
Judgement Day
Lasting Child
Late Redemption
Live And Learn
Lullaby For Lucifer
Make Believe
Metal Icarus
Millennium Sun
Mystery Machine
Never Understand
No Pain For The Dead
Nothing To Say
Nova Era (с табами)
Nova Era (с аккордами)
Nova Era
Passing By
Petrified Eyes
Queen of The Night
Rainy Nights
Reaching Horizons
Running Alone
Salvation Suicide
Silence And Distance
So Near So Far
Spread Your Fire
Sprouts Of Time
Stand Away
Stand Away (с аккордами)
Streets of Tomorrow
Temple Of Hate
The Course Of Nature
The Shadow Hunter
The Shaman
The Voice Commanding You
Unfinished Allegro
Unholy Wars
Visions Prelude
Waiting Silence
Wasted Years
Window To Nowhere
Wings Of Destination
Wings Of Reality
Wishing Well
Wuthering Heights
Zito (с табами)