Inside the canyons of glass and towering steel
The shadows and the footsteps that never stop to feel
The lights have changed from red to green
And 'yes I've changed my mind'
I pick up the phone and tell someone
'just get off my line!'

Up on the corner, newsboy's daily blues
Of love and life and accidents and passing stranger's views
The valet hold no heroes
'the dealer holds' he said
The sun goes down, the lights come up
Wheels turn in y'r head

You make connections
You win elections
That ain't gonna be enough

Cause the city is out of control
The city is out of control
The city can't you hear it
Crying out of control?

Runnin' out of time -- you know it
Put it on the line -- it's loaded
Fear erodes, hate explodes
Can't hold back now
Take your passion to the streets


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