С табами

A Room Lives in Lucy (w: S.h.jones)
Count Jefferey
Gone.... Like The Swallows
Headless Clay Woman
Impulse of Man
Maps in Her Wrists And Arms
Midnight Garden
Millpond Album (с табами)
Misfortunes (w: S.h.jones)
Out of The Moving Life of Circles
Scarlet Arch (w: S.h.jones)
Scythe & Spade (w: S.h.jones)
Shantell (words: S.h.jones)
Simple Tom And The Ghost of Jenny Bailey
Slow Pulse Boy
So This is Silence
Talk Without Words
The Critical Distance (w: S.h.jones)
The House of The Heart
The Millpond Years
The Sandstone Man
The Secret Sea (w: S.h.jones)
The Suffering of The Stream
The Tease The Tear
There Was a Man of Double Deed (w: Anon)
This Ship in Trouble
Twilights Pool
Vincent Craine
Virus Meadow
Wallpaper Dying (w: S.h.jones)