I twist and turn
In the darkest space
Can't find my worth
As I numb the pain
Glass to the sky
With a blacktooth grin
This whiskey smile
Takes me down again
I'm cold and I'm so afraid
That I'm too weak and I can't change

I've been buried alive and
I don't want to be here anymore
Reached out a thousand times for
A hand to pull me from below
I've been buried alive in a world
Of constant sorrow
Reach down tonight and set me free...
Save tomorrow
Another shot
Slip into the haze
Another night
Soaked in my disgrace
Toast to the lie
I'll raise my glass and run
A wasted life
What have I become?

Save tomorrow
Save tomorrow
Let me breathe again
Show me where I begin
To find the will to change
Before I lose everything

Reach down tonight and set me free
And I will follow

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