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5 Big Letters
A Pretender Got My Heart
Adore U
Affected By You Not
Air And Angels
Alisha Rules The World
Angel Eyes
Are You Jealous
Are You Jealous_
Army Of Fools
Bitter Lemon
Breathe In
Can't Say Sorry
Daffodil Or A Diamond
Dare You To Kill Me
Devil You Call Love
Dive In
Do I Lie?
Do I Lie_
Drunken And Tearful
God Lives There
Going Down
He's A Rebel
I Am, i Feel
I Won't Miss You
Indestructible (с переводом)
Irresistable u Are
It's Not Your Fault
Japanese Dream
Just The Way u Like it
Karmically Close
Late Again
Lay Low
Lazy Head
Little Shotgun
Me And The Dolphins
Never Enough
Not my Muse
Outta These Clouds
Perfectly Happy
Personality Lines
Push it All Aside
Scared Like me
Sex Is On Everyone's Tongue
She Ain't Missing You
Still Life
Stone in my Shoe
Sweet Escape (с переводом)
That Other Girl
The Air we Breathe
The Golden Rule
The House That We Built
The Incidentals
The Pulse
Valentines '98
Want Me Back
White Room
Wish i Were You