American Fingers
American Lips
Big Cars And Blow Jobs
Come up With Your Hands Out.
Dead River
Diet Cola Syringe
Dreaming In Cuban
Freaks In Love
Good Pasta
Great Big Big Big Head
Green Pea Soup
Joan of Arc
Lisa's Father (waka Baby)
Lost In Place
Love Is A Frickle Thing
Mad Dogs on a Bone
Mason Reese
Mummenschantz Pachinko
My Best Friend's Wife
Naked, Sharp And Perfect
New Jersey Exit
Rise to The Skin
Sunshine Superman
The Senator And The Cabin Boy
The Shining Path (с переводом)
The Unspeakable Pleasure Of Being Me
Tiny Ugly World (с табами)
Tipper Gore
War Pigs
Windshield of Love
World Profit