(feat. Kenny Muhammed)
[Intro: Afu-Ra]
Yeah, Afu-Ra, yo
The Human Orchestra
Straight come to a revolution, right here
Uh-huh-huh, uh-uh..
[Chorus: Afu-Ra]
Who got the sound you like, with the sound that's right
Quick to say what, say what you like
That's right, I'm turning around again
Cuz when I stop the flow, yo, you couldn't breathe
Choose any one of my styles, and my foul supportin' off of you
I fell ten stories, with the venacular
Life Force, flowin' off the Human Orchestra
My structure, could puncture, lyrical monster
Find that ass layin' in a dumpster
Obi-Wan, he couldn't show me how to master
Mindtricks, I show Kasuki, eatin' sushi
Spittin' loogies, gettin' groovy, watchin' a movie
Spirit choose me, to excersize my exorcist
Spine tinglin', minglin', phantom linguist
Disappear, reappear, I'm smooth as cashmere
In light years, and travel through the stratosphere
So here I go, here I go, equip with the high pro glow
No one knows the sickening flows, for wicked foes
I kicks it yo... from MIDI to SMPTE, I run on, look at your bloody nose
Gettin' you tipsy, like ten shots of whiskey
Rotisserie, three sixty, til you crispy
I toss it flow by flow, just like a frisbee
I'm gettin' busy, you gettin' dizzy
Gillespie, seizure's like epilepsie
Homes, I'm layin' my hat, just like a gipsy
I bless me, let's see, if you can test me
By what speed perky, like itty bitty titty commitee
Honey, no bra's in the vecinity
And I ain't tellin' no fibs, like whatever kid
You see the look in my eyes, you think I did a bid
Me on the track - is like asexual
Reproduction, something from nothing
Eyes prayin' off like a falcon, boy, yea
Don't make me have to get the scalp and boy
Bring food for the malnorished, ready to publish
Cuz half of the top emcees, is spittin' rubbish
[Chorus x2]
I'm on a mission kid, like a 85th track head
Fiended out in a route, that's never talked about
There I go, there I go, hallucinagetic rhyme control
Rock ballads like I was Solid Gold
Who on a roll, gang control
Surfin' the globe, out of control
Ripped her up, until your toes curl
I get down and wordy, you heard thee
You know it's scrapped up, dirty, like she don't use toilet paper
Small enough to fit through a key hole
And run up on that ass for them rhymes you stole
Slit ya wrist, like a tongue twist
Say no massa kiss, sackin' for hits and percents
The infinite, holdin' your breath, it's tryin' to come quick
Spinnin' verse, dispersin' rapidly
Half hazardly, ten shots, where all the bastards be
Go get the suburbans and the hurses
Whether I'm here or gone, I travel through these verses
[Chorus x2]

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