It feels so cold tonight
My skin has turned to ice
Dead and gone are all emotions
Breeding pain enwraps
All the tears that wash away
Lifes unreal
Values of joy and love
Pale are my eyes frozen my heart
Time and space, life and death
Pale is my mind stone cold my soul
I am the accuser that recreates hell on earth
For waits in yours restrictive
Three dimensional world?
Too late, too cold none hides of the truth!
For I have seen the prophecies foretold
Abstract realities crash into the void
A heaven built on non-provable facts a lie?
The wisdom bursts my veins as I
Tremble in unreal delight
And even it hurts to belong to the knowing
An I not the fulfillment of all quests
Trust me you that bears the nuclear winter in his soul
Ill pour out my soul
To show my inner strength
And wouldnt you agree
If was the highest excitement youve felt?
So give me all your heart and I will take your life
For I am the reborn beast that will
Extinguish all your mortal kind
Or might it be a too radical step to immortality?
But I thought you couldnt await to enter
My heaven so accept it cause our time has come
I rise you fall

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