( g. davisjr )

You said he was just an old acquaintance that you knew a long time ago
I could tell when he held you in his armsyou seemed spellbound by his charms
No need to tryyou can’t denythat look in your eyes spelled lovelovelovelove
L o v el o v el o v e was all I sawit was lovelovelovelove
And I used to call you on the telephone
And I thoughtI thought it very funny why you were never home
And I used to believe that I could trust you
But I find that you untrue

Latelylately I find that I’m all by myself
Thinking you love mewhen it’s someone else
Hats offhats off to you and your new lover
Cuz for mecuz for me there will be no other
Girlto take your placewith tears on my face
Farewell to youmay God bless and keep you

Please dear lord keep her safe for me
Farewellfarewell my darlin’my darlin’my darlin
Whoa I need youI need youI need you

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