See you walking down the street
Every single day
Girl you never seem to have a smile on your face
What you need is someone who would treat you right
From the morn' til the noon, the noon til the night
Ain't no doubt about what I would do
I'd make a long list
I think you'd approve
You gotta think big
If you wanna succeed

I've got plans girl
It's you and me
Yo, ever since we met
Way back in the day
I'm thinking how to put it
Girl, what can I say
To make you understand how far I'd go
For your heart girl, I just want you to know

That I'd do anything in this world for you
I'll push it to the limit
To the max, to the ends of the Earth
Ain't nothing I won't do
Make every single wish come true
I'll take it to the edge of the universe
Givin' all I could
You know that I would

Like Evil Kenevil
Jumps a cannon like an eagle I'll be your super hero
Protect you from evil
Like batman, spiderman, superman

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