you've been knocking like woody woodpecker
for the longest time
you wouldn't stop till i would listen
but through the peep hole i kept my distance
curiosity finally got the best of me
so i turned the lock inside
and i let you in
and i am so glad i did you rlove is famous
youe love without a doubt we're celebrating
your love, it's all i ever want
it's all i ever need
together we can make history
you're famous, famous, famous
i've seen the way
you changed somebody's day from the inside out

you turrn around a circumstance
a weary heart starts to dance
i saw a man so down and out he couldn't stand
jump up, sing and shout
and i joined in
cause i was a lot like him
i'm your biggest fan
i'm your aficionado
there's no hiding it
fanatical for you
no one greater
no one higher
millions around the world feel the way i do

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