It's Whatever
It's Whatever

Just Like The Birds
That Whistle In The Tress
At Peace So Happily
Well, You're My Tree
And Through My Storms
You Have Stood Strong For Me
Kept Me Warm As Can Be
Like A Candy, To An Apple
Oh, We Go Together
Your So Sweet On Me
I Can Say That I Do Believe
This Is Destiny
It Keeps Calling Me

Now It's Me And You
It's You And Me
And It's Whatever
Whatever You Want It To Be
I'm Telling You
If It's Up To Me
Whatever Is Whatever
It's Whatever With You and Me

Just Like A Breeze
In The Middle Of A Summer's Eve
When You Come Through
You Come For Me
If I'm A Drink
You're My Lemon Squeeze
Oh, You Got Flavor Boy
You Go Good With Me
So Boy Don't Play Or Tease Me
Ooh, Keep Me Together
You Got What I Need
Now It's Getting Late
It's After Three
So Quit Your Stalin'

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