Mmm yeah..
Mmm yeah..
Oh yeah oh..

Hey my baby
Why you lookin' so down?
Seems like you need a lovin'
Baby you need a girl like me
(Don't frown)
Hey my baby
Tell me why you cry
Here take my hand and (yeah)
Wipe those tears from your eye

Can I talk to you (Can I talk to you)
Comfort you (Comfort)
Let you know (Just wanna let you know)
I care 4 you (oh yeah)

Can I talk to you (I wanna talk)
Comfort you (Gotta let you know babay)
Let you know
I care 4 you (I care)

Hey sexy baby
Why'd your girl leave you in pain
To let a fine man like you go
She must be insane
Hey sexy baby
There's no need to worry
Oh boy if you call on me
I'll come, I'll come in a hurry

Can I talk to you (Come on)
Comfort you (I love you)

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