(feat. D-Reck)
What's up baby, it's A3 coming at ya know I'm tal'n bout
We wrecking shop, 2003 you know I'm tal'n bout
We bringing hat on niggaz baby, know I'm saying
All that plexing get pushed to the side, know I'm saying
Cause it's going down up in here, ain't nothing but a bunch of chilling
Going on, know I'm tal'n bout for real, sliding off to it
[Hook x2]
Throw your hood up high, (go on get em up)
If you balling for real, (eye to eye nigga what)
Let the broke stay broke, (man we hustling fa sho)
No need to say mo', (if it ain't about do')
For all my niggaz, running the game
Cause this is the reign to bring pain, loving it mayn
It's a strain to the brain, when you struggling for change
Life in the fast lane, hustling till the cash came
If you get it then you got it, if you don't then you won't
Playa before you want, figure out the do's and don'ts
I'ma give it to ya, the way it's 'pose to be gave
Automatic brigade, niggaz gon bleed hey
This world made to be paid, by winners losers and cheaters
I live in the land on, for body bags and bleeders
Mugs catch slugs, you hustling or you thug
Up coming up out the mud, niggaz throw your hands up
[Hook x2]
We cock-cock (knock-knock), and unlock the do'
(one pop) one drop, now hit the flo'
Now wave em high (to the sky), so all eyes can see
Who the hell making mail, where my ballers be
This ain't a Jelly-Jam Broham, when he entered the spot
Shocked and rocked nonstop, while the champagne pop
Hit the do' front and center, iced up like winter
That shoe-shoe and loo-ooing, when they chick and us
If you making that money, and you getting that do'
Represent your hood, and let these motherfuckers know
This our sight's not nice, just to keep it nice
Don't do our stance, this is man and mic
And I might entice, her to spend the night
But she gotta be a winner, work her thizzle right
[Hook x2]
Just take a second and pause, some of these niggaz be pretending to ball
Hollin' out they got it all, (ay can I spit) hell naw
Making excuses trying to throw you off, simple and plain
Don't believe the words out of niggaz mouth, watch what you talk
Some haters, hover just like a hawk
You find yourself in the situation, that they done brought
Killing your name, niggaz twisted in the rap game
Phony busters is side swiping, for fortune and fame
I maintain, keep tripping and get caught slipping
Don't think a playa won't click ya, commits to chest ripping
I'm one of the best at what I do, when I do what the hell I come to do
You don't wanna see the 3 let loose, with the tool
[Hook x2]
Your left, your left
Your left, right, left [x4]

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