(verse 1 Adrienne)
Looking familiar, I don't know
Have I seen you somewhere before?
kill the small, let's hit the floor(when you're ready)
To do something you ain't done before
I work it so you can take no more
I think I'm the girl you came here for(If you can get me)I like it,what you're doing, how you're movin,so keep so keep it comin', boy put it on me

I think I wanna leave with you(uh-huh)
do you wanna leave me(uh-huh)
tell me what you wanna do boy

I think wanna leave with you(uh-huh)
Do you wanna leave with me(uh-huh)
Tell me what you wanna do boy
I.....(if you can get me)

(verse 2 Adrienne)
You're looking at me like you want more
so after the party let's explore
turn off the lights and lock the door(when we're ready)But we ain't leaving here to around 4
freaking each other 'til we're sore
I think I'm the girl you came here for(if you can get me)I like it, what you doing,how you're moving,so keep it comin,boy put it on me


(verse 3,rap Kiely)
a yo holla, say you wanna leave with me,come on follow,cuz I'ma about to grab the keys,but don't bother,if you're small and don't know how,I roll with big dogs,got'em barking loud now,I used to be nice,but I'ma keep it foul now,flossing the sites,as boys' going down now,got ya,on your knees like girl come back, got ya, on my skies cuz a girl can mack,got ya, for all my ladies from the front to the back,from NY to LA we don't know how to act, and now back to D.C. where they say my name louder,I know you hate them boys that show their ass and how to,see more of us, and be more with us, there's a couple other topics that we won't discuss, so if you leave with me,it'll make your girl hate me though, just like the so,so cats on the radio, you know.

chorus 1x

speak 1x

chorus 1x

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